Are you interested in turning your foreign language speaking skills into something that can change the world?

The Speaking Seed: Secrets to Foreign Language Public Speaking is a book that offers a fresh perspective on oral communication and foreign language learning. Diana Watson reveals the secrets she uncovered through years of giving speeches in Mandarin and coaching foreign language public speakers before designing her own Speaking Seed program.

By following the strategies in this book, you will feel comfortable making phone calls, introducing yourself, telling jokes, and making full-length presentations.

The book is divided into six stages with questions at the end of each chapter designed to encourage reflection.

The Speaking Seed stages in this book will help you to:

1. Understand the Speaking Seed concept.
2. Tackle the challenge of using a foreign language to speak in public.
3. Write your first Speaking Seed speech.
4. Practice your speech, use gestures and props, and handle nervousness.
5. Improve your language ability from speaking simple sentences to delivering full-length presentations.
6. Utilize tools and techniques to enhance your public speaking experience.